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SMS (Short Message Service) is a text message service that enables messages of 160 characters to be sent to cell phones. SMS’s are stored and forwarded so the message will be sent later if the phone is not immediately available.

Bulk SMS has expanded the capability of SMS by implementing the ability to send multiple SMS’s simply. Whether you want to reach one person or thousands of people, Bulk SMS provides an easy, reliable and cost effective way to keep in contact.

Provided SMS marketing is permission based, with the receiver desiring the message, SMS offers one of the highest response rates in marketing. Using this resource wisely is one of the keys to success, as will be discussed later in this guide.

Reaching groups of people on the go used to be difficult if not impossible. Bulk sms messaging is the only communication medium capable of reaching groups of people instantaneously regardless of where they are.

SMS provides several advantages over other forms of communication. Research has shown that SMS has the capacity to access instantaneously a large number of people with mobile connectivity. Mobile users also show a high probability of reading SMS messages.